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Featuring: Pedro Gomes


1. Name, surname and place of residence.
Pedro Gomes – at the moment – Munich, but I am from Portugal, Lisbon

2. What sparked your passion for graphic design / photography / industrial design / art?
Well that is a long story, but I guess it runs in the family blood. My dad is a graphic designer and I have always been interested in art/design. It started with a special interest in painting / drawing. After a very interesting experience in the USA – San Diego where I did an exchange program to finish 12th grade (year before University) I decided I wanted to go in the direction of Arts. After deciding to enter the University, I applied to Architecture. After 2 years I felt that Architecture was too big of a scale for me. I wanted something closer to the hand scale. It was then where I realized that Design was my passion. Since I changed coursed all started to make sense and I become passionate about everything that involved design. I work both in Graphic design and Industrial Design, but for sure anything that involves design and creativity is a challenge I am willing to take!

3. If you could describe your work in 3 (or 5) words, what would they be?
Sustainable, passionate, emotional and innovative!

4. Tell us about your project “Compact Cardboard Furniture”. How did it come about? How did you tackle the challenge? And what were the results?
The Project was a result of a Portuguese Design competition. The brief was to design a piece of furniture which was made out of recycled materials. My approach was first to locate a basic user need. When I started the project I was living in a small flat and the lack of space was quite annoying. So I thought, why not design a piece of furniture that could solve space problems for users with lack of space in their households.One main feature that I always try to implement in my projects is the improvement of the user interaction with the product. The IKEA assembling concept changed forever the furniture industries. But it’s what is behind it that makes it even more interesting: the human capacity to build its own products - “making is thinking”! This was for me a very important goal for my project as it creates a stronger connection between the product and the user. The user benefit was improved by the design of a modular solution. I believe that modular solutions help to create a more effective and sustainable product systems. So I decided to create a product that could be not only assembled at home but it could also multiply itself into multiple products and combinations.Sustainability one of my main focus! My approach within the whole development was to create a highly sustainable piece of furniture. The idea of having recycled materials is never enough. My solution was to design a flat, light package that would decrease cost of production and transportation with an effective difference in the final consumer price and product environmental impact.So, the final result ended up being a modular furniture made of cardboard that could be easy assembled. The patterns imprinted could be either chosen by the user or the units could be sold unprinted and with a marker kit, allowing the user to draw on the furniture. To improve the furniture functionality, the user can also lock a lamp screw on the metal frame and have a light source in one of the acrylic boxes.The project had a great impact over the internet and hopefully will be produced soon!

5. What are your top 5 websites at the moment?
www.designboom.com / www.dezeen.com / www.ideo.com / http://designmind.frogdesign.com/ www.ted.com

6. What is your advice for aspiring creatives?
If you can imagine you can achieve it, if you can dream you can become it! But I have to congratulate you because I seriously love your signature! Imagine. Believe. Create. Achieve. – pass it on !!!!

7. Personal motto?
“Be the change you want to have in the world” - Gandhi



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